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Vaping 101 – What The Vape Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Think you know the truth about vaping? Think again!

Vaping is everywhere, there’s no denying it. The guy at the store blowing clouds, or your favorite streamer taking a hit between respawns. Your classmates and friends might vape – heck, you might even have tried it just to see what everyone was talking about…but most people don’t like to talk about the truth about vaping.

Vaping is a relatively new novelty, but it’s really taken over the majority of the nicotine market. That’s right – the nicotine market. That vape that said “nicotine-free” isn’t as honest as you might have hoped. Research shows that even “nicotine-free” vape flavors still contain trace amounts of nicotine in them, let alone all of the other chemicals that are contained in the e-juice. Nicotine is highly addictive to the teenage brain, making it difficult to quit once you start. Not only is it highly addictive, but nicotine actually changes brain cell activity in the parts of the teenage brain responsible for attention, learning, and memory. These changes in the brain cells can affect your thinking for the rest of your life, as well as making you more susceptible to addiction throughout your life.

Nicotine affects the brain’s receptors, making it more difficult to quit once you start vaping.

So if they weren’t honest about vapes being nicotine-free, what else do you think they weren’t honest about? What about the fact that the “vapor” in a vape isn’t even vapor at all – it’s an aerosol. Examples of aerosols include spray paint, air fresheners and hairspray…and those products contain many of the same chemicals found in popular vape products. While the vape companies would have you believe that you’re just inhaling water vapor, this aerosol actually contains nicotine, cancer-causing chemicals – including heavy metals like nickel, tin and lead – ultrafine particles, and flavoring components that have been linked to lung disease. Doesn’t sound like it’s just water vapor, does it? Is that really what you want to be breathing in?

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“But at least it’s not cigarettes, right? It could be worse.” Sure, you might not be smoking cigarettes now, but did you know that teens who vape are 4 times more likely to start smoking cigarettes later on? We all know the harmful effects of cigarettes, but for some reason we like to pretend that vaping doesn’t present those same dangers. It might start with just a puff here or a puff there, but many teenagers have watched themselves as they switch from vaping to smoking just to get that same buzz…even though they know the risks.


All the marketing for vaping seems like it’s a harmless way to take the stress off, but as we can see the chemicals in these products can actually add to the stressors going on in your body. The vape industry has continually shown that it is focused more on profit than safety, and many of the chemicals used in vapes are known to be incredibly dangerous. It’s important to know the facts and to protect yourself and your health. You’re in charge of your body and you can take it back from those who don’t have your best interests at heart.



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