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Vaping 101 – What The Vape Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Think you know the truth about vaping? Think again! Vaping is everywhere, there’s no denying it. The guy at the store blowing clouds, or your favorite streamer taking a hit between respawns. Your classmates and friends might vape – heck, you might even have tried it just to see what everyone was talking about…but most […]

Survivor Mode: Stress and Your Brain

Good stress, bad stress, and how your body handles it all Ah, stress – as much as you may try to avoid it, the reality is that it is a part of life. And for a good reason: stress plays an essential role in how your body responds to danger in your environment. Not all […]

The Brain & Substances

The Brain & Substances

Your brain is a balance of chemical reactions, so what happens when you change the balance with alcohol or marijuana? Since we already know how the brain develops, let’s throw an extra variable into the equation: substances such as alcohol or marijuana. Most of us know the effects of these substances from movies or tv. […]

Mental Wellness: A Muscle You Have To Work Out

Brain lifting weights

Mental Health vs. Mental Wellness… Think you know the difference?  In today’s world, you probably hear the term “mental health” thrown around left and right. People are talking about mental health, what it means to them, and some of the ways they deal with it all the time! But, what is mental health, and how […]

Who Are My Trusted Adults?

Adults and teens in serious conversations.

Having at least one trusted adult in your life consistently can have a huge impact on your mental health! Do you prefer to talk to your friends when you’re having a hard time? Do you find that many of your peers come to you when they need help or just someone to talk to? Friends […]

The Brain 101

Image of human head with view of the brain.

It’s the most powerful organ in the body, but do you really know how it works? It’s the keys to your own personal car. It controls everything you do, including the things you don’t even think about doing. Even the fastest supercomputers humanity has ever designed still can’t hold a candle to its power. It’s […]

Self-Care 101

Water being poured into a cup.

If your body is a cup, how do you empty the stress that builds up? Think of your body as a cup. When you experience stress, that cup fills up over time. The things that may cause your cup to fill up can be stressful situations like losing a loved one or a breakup. There […]

How to Build Your Coping Skill Toolbox

Image with toolbox in foreground and silhouettes in background doing yoga.

Coping isn’t one-size-fits-all… find the right tools for you to be prepared for any situation, time, or place! Think back to a time when you felt sad, stressed, or anxious… Did you talk to someone you trust, like your best friend? Did you try to distract yourself by scrolling through Twitter or Instagram? Did you […]

Fighting Stigma

Image saying "Ok, I'ma fight these thoughts. This is hard."

It’s no secret that talking about mental health is hard, but you can help make it easier by learning about stigma and how to avoid it! While our society has become more accepting and tolerant to people with mental health conditions over the years, there’s still a lot of stigma around the topic of mental […]

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