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Marijuana 101

Marijuana 101 picture

It’s illegal in some states, legal in others. There’s a lot of disinformation out there, so let’s outline some facts. It goes by many names: marijuana, cannabis, weed, or pot. No matter what you call it, it seems to be everywhere these days, so it’s a good idea to know what people are talking about […]

Kick Your Vaping Habit

Ready To Quit Vaping

Tired of feeling tied to your Puff Bar? Sick of spending money on vape pods? You can quit and we can help.   Ready to quit vaping? You got this, and help is on the way! For free and anonymous tips and tricks on how to quit, text “BREAKFREE” to 88709. You’ll be sent daily […]

How Big Tobacco Switched from Cigarettes to Vapes

Corporate CEO making money off vapes

Cigarette manufacturers were losing money for years due to fewer people smoking cigarettes. The increase in vaping helped save Big Tobacco’s butt. Years ago in 1981, Philip Morris – one of the largest tobacco manufacturers in the world, released a special report for its shareholders. The document stated that ““today’s teenager is tomorrow’s potential regular […]

Fact Check: Is Marijuana Addictive?

It is, it isn’t… Let’s break through the noise and get the truth about the addiction properties of marijuana. “Weed isn’t addictive. I can quit whenever I want.” If you’ve ever talked to someone who uses marijuana, they can seem pretty sure about the addictive properties of weed. Even though they might say weed isn’t […]

Drinking & Driving Don’t Mix

Teen reflecting on mistakes while police car lights flash in background.

Over 10,000 Americans die every year in alcohol-related accidents. Make sure you and your friends aren’t another statistic. You’ve heard it all of your life, but it’s worth repeating: “Don’t drink and drive.” Every 52 minutes in this country, someone dies from an alcohol-involved car crash. someone dies from an alcohol-involved car crash. One third […]

Do You Know What’s Really in a Vape?

Image of lungs with chemicals added to them.

While vapes might be marketed as being “just water vapor,” the truth might make you rethink exactly what you’re breathing in Acetaldehyde, benzene, formaldehyde….it sounds more like your chemistry class than what you’d expect to find in a Juul pod. While fruity flavors such as mango and strawberry can mask the chemical taste, once you […]

Cannabis & Pregnancy

Pregnant woman using cannabis

No amount of marijuana is safe during pregnancy. Containing nearly 500 chemicals that can pass through a woman’s placenta to her baby during pregnancy, cannabis can be incredibly harmful to a baby’s health. The rate of marijuana use among Americans has been on the increase the past few years, pregnant women included. And while we […]

Alcohol 101

Alcohol 101

Many teens first experience using mind-altering substances involves alcohol. So what do you really know about it? It’s a can of beer, or a shot of vodka, or maybe a sip of wine. No matter the form it takes, alcohol and alcohol advertising surrounds us in our society. In fact, it can be difficult to […]

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